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Performance Design specializes in designing, developing, and delivering performance engine components made from technical plastic and composites. Our skilled product development team excels in design, analysis, prototyping, validation, and production launch. Whether you need a hundred or a hundred thousand parts per year, our flexible, modular assembly line ensures efficient results. From napkin sketch to production part, Performance Design brings your ideas to life. Choose us for precision engineering and seamless execution of top-quality components.

Component Focus

We focus in powertrain and engine performance from clean sheet engines to sub-systems and individual components.  However our passion and expertise tend to fall under:


  • Induction systems

  • Blocks

  • Heads

  • Complete engines


We operate in any industry that needs a bespoke engine, increased performance, efficiency, durability or optimization of an existing engine for operating cycles outside of it’s original intent.  Often when re-purposing an automotive engine for niche fields of service it is not optimized for a tighter operating band, different duty cycles or unique operating environment.  We can design retrofit components designed for different operating conditions that can often produce 5 – 20+% improvements for a new application.


  • Performance and Racing

  • Niche OE/low volume

  • Industrial

  • Commercial

  • Marine

Materials & Manufacturing Process

We routinely design for most material and manufacturing processes.


  • Castings; sand, investment, die-cast

  • Forgings

  • Billet

  • Plastic (injection mold and cast)

  • Carbon fiber/composites

  • RP printed (plastic & DMLS)

Key Value Adds

Our specific expertise is well suited to help companies build value in their business and products.  We also operate across industries and see opportunities to leverage strategies and best practices.  Being a small, agile business gives us perspective to help our clients blend product features, branding and marketing in the design.


  • Bespoke engine design for a niche application

  • Retrofit components to improve performance and/or efficiency

  • Cost savings; convert cast and machined parts to plastic

  • Improved durability

  • System optimization for alternative duty cycles from original design

  • Multi-fuel induction systems

  • Marinization and system integration

  • Tooling ready components and prints

Why Performance Design

Calculate your fully burdened cost, computer hardware, software, maintenance, training, desk space…


...Then consider our expertise – we have constant churn and development of designs, design methodology, manufacturing,  sourcing, etc.


...Then consider whether you need all those resources year round or just to get your project done efficiently and proficiently.


Performance Design is a passionate design and engineering firm that invents solutions to help companies bring products to market.  We do the hard stuff.


  • Bring your napkin sketch  (need illustration for this)

  • Rapid concept generation

  • RP with rough manufacturing intent

  • Production intent design

  • Production manufacturing


How do we work with PD?

Contact us to discuss your project and see if we can help achieve your organization’s goals.  It is best if the client knows it’s statement of work really well, the deliverables needed and timing desired.  We will prepare a budgetary estimate and high level overview of our strategy.  If the project makes sense for both parties a retainer kicks it off.  Billing is typically done on a progress, milestone or monthly basis.


How much does it cost? 

We work with small to large companies and we understand that all have various budgets, constraints, goals and priorities.  We strive to provide value more than anything for our clients.  Costs for many projects are given budgetary estimates.


What if we don’t have the budget?

Performance Design will consider some projects on a co-brand basis where we subsidize the development and retain longer term return potential through either a royalty, the right to also sell the product or have branding on the product.  The project must be a fit for Performance Design branding and products and is evaluated on a case by case basis for prospective clients interested in this option. 


Let us know how we can bring your product design to market!

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