About Performance Design


Performance Design was born out of a passion for product design and development to serve companies who don’t have the in-house capacity or expertise.  Along the way we began to design, develop and manufacture our own line of performance products for racers and enthusiasts.  We continue to serve both markets today.

For Businesses...

We design engines and engine components for small to large companies.  Our designs are fully toolable, include cast and machine models and prints.  Performance Design can also help source or manufacture and supply finished components in some cases, providing an end to end solution for business.

For Enthusiasts...

We design and manfucture high performance components intended to incite excitement and solve problems.  We build for performance but neve lose sight of aesthetics.  We use pure and premium materials to produce unparalleled works of art.  Every detail has a function and reason for being the way it is.

Performance Design understands the blend of function and style in a manner to fully meet both objectives.


Key Competencies

Product Design/Manufacture

• Program & Operations Management

• Casting Design & Prototyping

• Manufacturing Engineering

• Process Design

Portfolio Planning, Positioning & Brand Building

• Photography & Graphic Design (only to support design projects)


Why engage Performance Design to design your product?

Added Resource - Access to design & engineering resources without having full time overhead.

Competitive Edge - Exploit expertise to further your company and product line.

Cut Opportunity Cost - Using Performance Design allows your company and employees to focus on other value added activities. What is being neglected trying to complete product design yourself?

Perspective - Look at your challenges from a fresh perspective. Breathe fresh perspective into your existing resources as well.

Broad Service - Performance Design can design, manage the manufacturing process & sourcing, as well as provide product photography and marketing literature.


Do you find you can’t design new products because you are busy dealing with existing products? When the time doesn’t allow you to finish a new product, your competition is passing you by. With Performance Design you will obtain a superior design that is carefully thought out and thoroughly detailed.

About Founder Caleb Newman

B.S.M.E. California Polytechnic, SLO

M.Sc.E. University of Central Florida, Orlando


Newman is a highly accomplished engineer with over 18 years of proven experience in design, manufacturing and marketing of racing, aftermarket and OEM automotive products. He is versed in management and business development activities to improve and build operations. In past roles, Newman created 500% growth in 3 years, garnering over 20 feature articles in 30 months and over 230 significant media mentions while building a new aftermarket brand. With 18 years of success, Newman is harnessing his unique blend of strategic and tactical abilities to help companies looking to further their business.