Testing & Validation

Prototype, Test & Validate

We specialize in making prototypes to validate designs for performance and fitment.  We'll make the design come to life with key technical partners or in-house manufacturing capabilities. Our designs accommodate both unique prototyping processes to validate produciton manufacturing methods as well as standard production processes.


Testing Test outlines and protocols designed to verify the performance and development of the design to meet all objectives.


Failure Diagnostics  Root cause diagnostics to identify issues with materials, manufacturing & enable design development.


Testing Coordination and Analysis

Give us your project or product and we can create a development, durability and validation test plan that we will execute with key strategic facilities so you don’t have to invest in your own test cells. Testing is key to developing a reliable and proven product which will help reduce warranties and produce excellent marketing material to help sell your product.


Most of our testing and validation activities support design projects, however we can address project validation needs for projects and products we do not design.  For 3rd party validation and performance assessment Performance Design can coordinate testing and provide analysis, interpretation and recommendations from the results.


Performance Design partners with high quality test labs to support the level of validation required by the customer or project.  This includes quick and cost effective testing on partner lab engines to fully dedicated and instrumented test cells.  Testing is typically specified and results analyzed by Performance Design however advanced test design can be coordinated with our partners.