Carbon XR

Carbon XR

Built for torque with long runner lengths, the Carbon XR is a cross-ram architecture intake manifold constructed of carbon fiber and billet 6061-T6 aluminum. A 5-Axis CNC machined head flange offers perfect port matching to the head entrance. Carbon fiber runners are constructed using high temp pre-preg manufacture with braided sock resulting in no seams or ply drops throughout the part for ultimate strength. The plenums employ a high temp resin infusion manufacturing process for consistent wall and beautiful finish out of the mold with an internal core for rigidity.

  • Details

    • Runner length: 12.5”
    • Bell mouth entrance: 2.75” effective dia.
    • Dual 87mm or 90mm throttle, GM 4 bolt
    • Plenum volume: 7.2L each, 14.4L combined
    • Height: 11.6" from block valley surface
    • Accepts USCAR EV6 body fuel injectors
    • LS7/LS3 production/aftermarket
    • LS9/LSA injectors have targeted spray patterns and are not recommended
    • Intake can be reversed on the engine
    • Works with moderate boost; can be specially built for higher boost levels

    Does not fit underhood on late model vehicles; best suited for race cars, resto-mod, off-road race trucks, race boats and hot rods.
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