Carbon TR

Carbon TR

The Carbon TR Intake Manifold offers ultimate tunnel ram performance for LS and LT1 applications. The sensuous plenum is constructed from high strength carbon fiber with high temp epoxy for improved strength to weight ratio and reduced heat soak to the fresh air charge. Bonded with high temp aerospace structural adhesive to precisely machined billet, the intake forms a perfect tunnel ram for high power and high revving applications. Raised bellmouths allow optimum flow development at the runner entrance. Increased plenum volume helps horsepower and A/F distribution across all cylinders.



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  • Details

    • Carbon fiber, forward facing single throttle plenum
    • Raised carbon runners with ideal bellmouth entries
    • Rear or under throttle MAP port
    • Plenum: High temp epoxy resin with 8 layers of carbon fiber and foam core sides
    • Fully bonded with high temp aerospace structural adhesive
    • Billet anodizing color can be selected with advance order

    Finish options identical to the Carbon XR; anodize or polished billet, polished out of mold carbon or UV gloss paint.
Finish Options