Case Study Portfolio

Learn about some of our handiwork from prior client projects.

Motus Motorcycle MV4 Engine

Clean Sheet Engine Design

When Motus Motorcycle needed a production viable clean sheet engine to power their new entry into the sport touring market Performance Design invented every major engine component from scratch to meet Motus' exacting performance and a critical eye toward aesthetics where form followed function. No covers allowed, every part must be functionally beautiful...and function beautifully.  


At 1650cc and 165HP or 180HP in the MST-R spec, we created an engine that garnered this from Motorcyclist Editor-in-Chief Marc Cook:


"If you don't fall in love with this engine, you just don't get the whole internal-combustion thing."

MSD Atomic AirForce Intake Manifold

Family of Polymer Intake Manifolds


When one manufacturer dominates a market for 10 years, competitors and consumers begin to feel it is as good as it gets.  Until Performance Design was contracted to design a family of polymer intake manifolds for the LS and all new LT1 GM engines, the leader in the market was assumed to be the most performance achievable in underhood packaging.  With 10-35HP gains over the leader in LS7 applications and gains of 20 - 35HP over stock plus unlocking previously unrealized cam timing gains in the LT1, Performance Design proved 10 years of assumptions wrong...there is more performance to be had.  From kickoff to production shipping the program is one of the fastest for plastic manifolds ever covering 4 applications with modular tooling.

Industrial Generator Engines

Optimally Designed Intake Manifold

When your engine operates at a single RPM for it's entire life, a Big 3 engine intended for on-road vehicle use isn't tuned for peak performance at that RPM.  Performance Design helped the effort to replace the outgoing 8.1L Chevy Big Block used heavily in the industrial generator market for a complete replacement 8.8L engine. First on the list was induction designed to maximize torque and power at 1800 RPM.  

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