Production Manufacturing

Composite Component Manufacturing

Performance Design has developed key in-house carbon fiber/composite manufacturing processes enabling difficult to tool non-round tubular structures with high strength to weight ratios with no ply drops, seams or bonding.


Class A Tooled external surface provides high aesthetic quality and tight tolerances.  


Continuous Fiber  With no ply drops, seams or bonds between two shells we can maximize strength to weight ratio.  Continuous carbon tows wrap the entire length of the tubular structure.


High Temp Structural Components  We focus on engine and structural components, all in OOA processes.  Our tooling design enables faster cycle time than Autoclave with similar structural integrity.  We employ vacuum, pressure and temperature out of autoclave.

Production Manufacturing

Bring your product to market with production capacity we can identify and source or we will manufacture directly. Expand your rolodex to find tooling, prototypes, castings and machining with our diverse contact network.


Performance Design offers private label manufacturing.

Performance Design can enlist hundreds of contacts in the industry to formulate the best solution for your needs. Whether you need design expertise, system architecture, simulation modeling (CFD, FEA, GT-Power, etc.), manufacturing suppliers or help with your product pricing and distribution channels, we can help.

Component Focus

We manufacture composite and metal engine components for the purpose of performance increases and light-weighting.


  • Carbon fiber intake manifolds

  • Engine covers such as valve, front and valley covers

  • Oil pans and oil systems

  • Blocks and bracketry

Manufacturing Processes

We specialize in hard to tool carbon fiber components with high temperature and structural elements.


  • Resin infusion, pre-preg and reinforced epoxy casting

  • High temperature resins; typically 350F Tg and up

  • Real functional and structural components

  • Composite components to replace traditional metal