Intake Manifolds

The Carbon XR intake manifold features dual throttles, tall deck fitment without spacers and 12.5” long runners for superior torque curves.


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Carbon XR Intake Manifold

  • Cross-Ram Architecture

  • Dual Throttle

  • 12.5" Long Runners

  • Carbon Fiber & Billet

Carbon TR Intake Manifold

  • Tunnel Ram Architecture

  • Single Throttle

  • Runner Length Options

  • Carbon Fiber & Billet

The Carbon TR intake manifold features a single throttle forward facing tunnel ram configuration.  6.5", 8.0" and 9.5" runner configurations for optimal tuning.


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Carbon pTR ISO1.jpg
Carbon pTR RB.png

The Carbon pTR intake manifold is built for boost with adjustable velocity stacks, Nitrous bosses, and integrated fuel rail brackets.  Beauty and power in one compact package.

Carbon pTR Intake Manifold

  • Adjustable Velocity Stacks

  • Tunnel Ram Architecture

  • Single Throttle

  • Carbon Fiber Upper & Polymer Lower

Carbon HR RB Sq2.png
Carbon HR on Base no logo.jpg

The Carbon HR intake manifold lid features an exposed carbon weave replacement for your cast aluminum Holley intake manifold lid (not included).


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Carbon HR Intake Manifold

  • Carbon upper lid

  • Fits Holley Hi-Ram, Mid-Ram and Lo-Ram intakes

  • 105mm inlet

  • Throttle flange in red, black or silver

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