Product Design

Motus MV4
Motus MV4

Designed for Motus Motorcycles

Block design
Block design

Tooling ready with core models. Cast and machine models of block and integrated maincap oil pan.

8.8L Polymer Intake Manifold
8.8L Polymer Intake Manifold

Polymer intake manifold design for industrial client

Motus MV4
Motus MV4

Designed for Motus Motorcycles


We can be your partner for product design and development. We will take your product idea, need or challenge and flesh out a complete design including castings, machining print and assemblies as parametric solid models.

Engine and Component Design

We offer design development and analysis to create a complete answer to your product needs. We provide full toolable cast models, machined models and prints up to and sometimes including tooling design.


Concept Give us your napkin sketch or we will concept a solution to your problem or new product idea

Benchmark Verify state of the art and compare new product features, risks and challenges.

Analyze Advanced FEA and CFD analysis to minimize hardware development and costs.

Design for Manufacturing & Assembly All designs consider cost and complexity to balance required and desired features.

Design Focus

We focus in powertrain and engine performance from clean sheet engines to sub-systems and individual components.  However our passion and expertise tend to fall under:


  • Complete engine and architecture design

  • Induction systems

  • Heads, blocks and all covers

  • Oil systems, oil pans, dry sump systems

Materials & Manufacturing Process

We routinely design for most material or manufacturing processes.


  • Castings; sand, investment, die-cast

  • Forgings

  • Billet

  • Plastic (injection mold and cast)

  • Carbon fiber/composites

  • RP printed (plastic & DMLS)