Client Login


To access your secure files, you must have first been given a username and password. All client data is stored securely on our servers and available to download one of two ways.

We typically transfer files securely via our TeamPlatform account.  You will receive a link and password directly from PD personnel.


Username and passwords are typically unique to a user, a specific file(s) share and triggers notification and IP logging when files are downloaded or uploaded. Please do not share your information.


To request an upload page be created, please contact the PD personnel you are working with on a project.


We suggest using your favorite FTP client and using the following settings:



Username: As supplied by Performance Design

Password: As supplied by Performance Design


The username and password will bring you to the appropriate folder for your data. You will be able to download or upload files as required.


Alternatively you may download files from Internet Explorer by clicking on the link below and entering your username and password.


To upload files without an FTP client, click on the link above, sign in then under the “Page” select the “Open FTP site in Windows Explorer” option. Be sure the folders option is selected and you can click and drag files between the FTP server and your computer (upload or download).