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Built for torque with long runner lengths, the Carbon XR is a cross-ram architecture intake manifold constructed of carbon fiber and billet 6061-T6 aluminum.  A 5-Axis CNC machined head flange offers perfect port matching to the head entrance.  Carbon fiber runners are constructed using high temp pre-preg manufacture with braided sock resulting in no seams or ply drops throughout the part for ultimate strength.  The plenums employ a high temp resin infusion manufacturing process for consistent wall and beautiful finish out of the mold with an internal core for rigidity.  


  • LS7 or LS3 port heads

  • Engines targeting mid-range power

  • Works well on stock LS7 engines

  • Larger displacement and more aggressive engines yield even higher gains

  • Hot rods, resto-mods, boats, off-road trucks


  • Runner length: 12.5”

  • Bell mouth entrance: 2.75” effective dia.

  • Dual 87mm or 90mm throttle, GM 4 bolt

  • Plenum volume: 7.2L each, 14.4L combined

  • Height: 11.6" from block valley surface

    • See Carbon XR dimension print

  • Accepts USCAR EV6 body fuel injectors

    • LS7/LS3 production/aftermarket

    • LS9/LSA injectors have targeted spray patterns and are not recommended

  • Intake can be reversed on the engine

  • Works with moderate boost; can be specially built for higher boost levels

Does not fit underhood on late model vehicles; best suited for race cars, resto-mod, off-road race trucks, race boats and hot rods.


  • Specify billet anodizing color

  • PD ultralight billet -8 fuel rails

  • UV Clearcoat on carbon runners and plenum

  • Polished or raw machined billet finish


Power...everywhere.  The sweet spot is almost almost always near 5600 rpm where you will the highest power gains.  The bigger and badder your engine, the better results you'll get.

You might also need


What comes with the intake manifold?  Intake Manifold, mounting hardware, throttle seal o-ring, bracket for MAP sensor

What is the lead time?  All carbon intake manifolds are built to order to accommodate choices such as anodize color and carbon finish.  Depending on shop load all intakes take 1- 4 weeks to build.  Periodically we stock popular configurations.

How tall is this?  Please see dimensional print here:  Carbon XR dimensions

Will this fit a Corvette?  This will not fit late model Corvettes and was built for other applications using LS engines such as race cars, hot rods and resto-mods.

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