The Carbon TRic innovatively integrates an air-to-water intercooler into a beautiful carbon and billet intake manifold for improved packaging and performance for boosted applications.  Shared with the Carbon TR, the uniquely sculpted plenum is constructed from high tensile strength carbon fiber in a high temp epoxy matrix with foam coring to increase the modulus of the structure.  Bonded with high temp aerospace structural adhesive to precisely machined billet, the intake forms a clamshell housing a premium Bell Intercooler with custom end caps.  Sized to support 1200 HP, the intercooler can optionally be configured for alternative power levels.


  • LS7, LS3, LT1 (Gen V)

  • Can be adapted to most V8 applications

  • Boosted engines

Bold applications are released, others pending


Built for boosted engines.

Dyno graph coming soon.

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  • Carbon common plenum top & bellmouths

  • Billet lower plenum and upper plenum flange

  • 102 to 125mm single forward facing throttle 

  • Intake dimensions:  LS7

  • Integrated Bell Intercooler 15.5x9x3.5” core

  • -16AN fittings in/out of intercooler

  • Plenum can be reversed on base

  • Base can be reversed on engine

  • Central MAP sensor away from rapid airflow

  • M14x1.5mm MAT sensor port

  • Multiple 1/4 NPT ports, single 3/8 NPT port

  • Comes with hardware for installation

  • Fits USCAR EV6 (LS7/LS3) fuel injectors

Does not fit underhood on late model vehicles; best suited for race cars, resto-mod, off-road race trucks, race boats and hot rods.


  • Specify billet anodizing color

  • PD ultralight billet -8 fuel rails

  • UV Clearcoat on carbon plenum

  • 102 or 125mm throttle body

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