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The Carbon TR Intake Manifold offers ultimate tunnel ram performance for LS and LT1 applications.  The sensuous plenum is constructed from high strength carbon fiber with high temp epoxy for improved strength to weight ratio and reduced heat soak to the fresh air charge. Bonded with high temp aerospace structural adhesive to precisely machined billet, the intake forms a perfect tunnel ram for high power and high revving applications.  Raised bellmouths allow optimum flow development at the runner entrance.  Increased plenum volume helps horsepower and A/F distribution across all cylinders.


  • LS7, LS3, LT1 (Gen V)

  • Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Big Block

  • Can be adapted to most V8 applications

  • Engines targeting high rpm power

  • Not recommended for stock daily drivers

Bold applications are released, others pending


  • 6.5" Runner length; longer available

  • 102 to 125mm single forward facing throttle 

  • Intake dimensions:  LS7, LS3, Pontiac

  • Carbon common plenum top & bellmouths

  • Raised carbon runners, ideal bellmouth entry

  • Billet lower plenum and lower runners

  • 5-Axis CNC head flange, perfect port matching

  • Central plenum post, structural stiffness

  • Intake can be reversed on the engine

  • Rear or under throttle MAP port

  • Multiple 1/4 NPT ports

  • Comes with hardware for installation

  • Fits USCAR EV6 (LS7/LS3) fuel injectors

Does not fit underhood on late model vehicles; best suited for race cars, resto-mod, off-road race trucks, race boats and hot rods.


  • Specify billet anodizing color

  • PD ultralight billet -8 fuel rails

  • UV Clearcoat on carbon plenum

  • 102 or 125mm throttle body


Built for high rpm power engines.

Dyno graph coming soon.

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